About Us


The founder and editor of this website are Valerie Glover. Here is a here vision statement for the site –

My mother was a big fan of bitter diet as she felt that it is the easiest way to live a healthy¬†life. In today’s time when we are almost crippled by sugar and harmful junk, the importance of bitter diet has accentuated. Through this website, I want to share everything about a bitter diet so that people can take advantage of that and lead a healthy lifestyle” ¬†– Valerie Glover

Here is what you can find on this website –

  • Information regarding Bitter Diet
  • Easy to make recipes that you can try out.
  • Weight loss plans for a bitter diet.

In the future, we also intend to share videos and infographics that can spread the message of bitter diet in a social world.

If you have any issues with the content of this website or any complaint, feel free to reach out to us, and we will get back to you.

Team Pretty Bitter