5 Reasons Why Bitter Food is Healthy for You

There has always been this discussion that why bitter foods are healthier than those tasty foods. Tasty foods always do bad to our body and on the other hand, bitter foods have so many benefits for our body. There is one main reason that as soon as our tongue tastes bitterness it sends a signal throughout the body which releases some chemicals. These chemicals ultimately result in many benefits. But if you try to make bitter food tasty then you destroy half of their benefits right away, so try to take them as they are. There are many other reasons for bitter foods to be healthy, let’s take a look at them.

Helps Absorb Nutrients

As soon as the bitter food is tasted, the receptors in our tongue get stimulated, and the thus signal goes to the stomach which stimulates gastric acid and enzyme production. This helps your food to be digested in a much better way. The better the food is digested, the more the nutrients are absorbed by the body through that food.

Balance and Control taste buds

There is a theory that once we start to eat bitter food, then we start to develop a taste for bitter food, and thus we start to eat more bitter food. This also happens genetically, that if your parents eat bitter food, then it’s more likely that you’ll also have a habit of eating bitter food. Moreover, bitter foods have many benefits like these reduces weight, reduce inflammation and even help to keep our body cool.

Here is an interesting video that shows how bitter diet, helps fight sugar cravings –

Stimulate Metabolism

We always need a good metabolism, but due to unhealthy food or more intake of sweet foods, most of us upset our metabolism. In this case, bitter foods prove to be very beneficial which improves our metabolism and helps us reduce our fat, one example is green tea. Intake of green tea can help you boost your metabolism by up to 4% and that too in just a day. Green tea also helps in reducing fat which is a major problem people face nowadays.

Chilis and Spices have an important place in Bitter Diet

Chilis and Spices have an important place in Bitter Diet

Stimulate immune system and fights radicals

Bitter foods are also helpful in stimulating your immune system, and these are also rich with properties which help you fight free radicals. Bitter foods like dark chocolate are rich in nutrition values, and every bite of it will only make you healthy. There are many other green foods which are bitter, but they are superb for keeping your body healthy as they are rich in nutrition and they also detoxify your body, reduce inflammation and much more.

Cleanse the body

Bitter foods (mostly green foods) helps detoxify your body, cleanse all pathways in liver, stimulate the immune system. These foods are rich in fiber which helps in cleaning waste from the body and makes our digestion better. Bitter foods also help clean our blood arteries and veins which are necessary to keep a smooth flow of blood throughout the body.

So if you clearly see the benefits of a bitter diet but are confused on how to start, well then we have a beginners guide to fall in love with a bitter diet.

These are some of the benefits which we get if we eat bitter food time to time. It’s not easy to stop eating tasty food but to neutralize that it’s important to eat bitter food too.

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